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Do You Have An Automation Or Robotics Project?  We Can Help!!!


A Different Approach!

We have extensive expertise in electrical design and programming of robotic systems for the automotive and food industry. In partnership with the best firms in mechanical design and manufacture we offer you efficient turnkey systems at the best market price.

In addition to projects in classical industrial robotics, we have a great expertise in Pick’N Place and Collaborative robotic systems.

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Pick’N Place Systems

The fastest robots on the fastest communication network on the market. This is what we offer with our pick’n place systems capable of moving many parts per second. In addition to the robots, the system incorporates a machine vision  and a tracking system for both conveyors. The machine vision system which communicates directly with the robots makes it possible to detect the position of the parts on the pick conveyor. At the same time, this  system allows a high level of quality control, measuring various parameters (dimmensions, color, shape) and rejecting non-conforming parts. A real time conveyor tracking system allows to know at any moment the position of the parts on both conveyors which makes it possible to pick and place the products while conveyors moving.
These systems offer several advantages for your company:

  1. Minimal downtime.
  2. Very limited maintenance time.
  3. Operation 24 hours a day.
  4. Consistency of Product.
  5. Advanced quality control.
  6. Fast return on investment (often 1 year or less).
  7. Solution to your lack of personnel problems.
  8. Allows you to move your staff on high value added jobs.
  9. Avoids health problems associated with repetitive movements.

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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are revolutionizing the industrial world. Unlike traditional robots, collaborative robots can be integrated in most cases without special security measures. They can therefore work elbow to elbow with the employees. This type of robot allows quick integration and they are used for simple tasks.


Experience and effectiveness.

Whether for new equipments or for updating those existing, our electrical engineering and programming services, have no competition. Our experience covers large and small projects, from the simplest to the most technically complex.

Our experience and working methods allow us to develop and manage your project from A to Z.

  • Developing the concept from your idea.
  • Selection of resources for its realization.
  • Selection of technologies and components.
  • Creation of electrical plans.
  • Planning for programming.
  • Planning of data exchanges.
  • Purchasing.
  • Construction of control cabinets.
  • Programming.
  • Tests.
  • Start up.
  • Technical support.

Advanced programming techniques, the use of libraries previously developed and exclusive to our company as well as schematics templates, shorten the development time.
For large projects we also offer the services of programmers teams located in South America and Asia, which greatly reduces costs but retains the quality that is constantly verified by our specialists.
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Increase production through optimization

Do you have functional equipments but you need to increase the production? Or do you have new products to make? Maybe some workstations in your line slow down the entire production?
In most of cases the upgrading of the strategic equipments can drastically increase your production.
In cases of shortage of personnel or manual workstations with repetitive operations, automation or robotization can save you money and give you peace of mind.
Our consulting services are free, we can coordinate with you a meeting to discuss about your problem. We will then provide you with a free report without any obligation on your part and without disturbing you afterwards. Let us help you!


We master a wide range of products and technologies and have carried out a large number of troubleshooting operations.
We have special test equipment. Our computer equipment is always ready with the most part of software already installed.
Learn more about our troubleshooting service.

Be safe at the right price

If you have equipment safety issues or if you have questions about the safety of your machines, we can help you.
CMSE certified professionals with several years of experience in industrial equipments safety will meet you and discuss your situation at no cost.
We work closely with several manufacturers of safety equipment to provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.
Our service includes:

  • Checking your equipment.
  • The creation of the Risk Assessment Report.
  • The design of the emergency stop circuit and other safety measures.
  • Implementation of security measures.
  • Documentation and training of staff.

Our services are offered to the whole industry, we have special expertise in the automotive industry, metal processing and food. We have been involved in several security projects for engineering firms and industrial power companies.

Trusted Brands

We master a large number of technologies and software in different brands. Here are some of the manufacturers that we regularly integrate into our projects.

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